Dublin Kick-off!

This Time I’m Voting kicked-off in the fair city of Dublin on 10 October 2018.


To get the ball rolling on our election show, a number of passionate volunteers met us at the Long Stone Pub in Dublin city centre to offer their suggestions and generate ideas for how they could promote the elections in their workplaces, universities and local communities. Initially, our Election Officer Michael outlined the concrete objectives behind the idea of This Time I’m Voting before encouraging the volunteers to disperse into break-out sessions for brainstorming and creating dialogue. Those in attendance were keen to make their mark with the goal of increasing voter turnout! Some key ideas thrown into the mix included hosting debates with relevant university societies featuring expert lecturers, canvassing on streets of Dublin to inform the public of how much the EU does for them, hosting pub-quizzes.

Since the successful launch in Dublin, many of the ideas have come to fruition thanks to many of our notable volunteers including Antonio, Connie, James and Peter!

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