Cork City

With less than 7 months to go until #EUelections2019, the European Parliament took to the waters and set sail for the city of Cork!

Staying true to its nature, the rebel county did not disappoint in numbers, nor in the abundance of ideas. It was in Cork where we really saw a motif developing: citizens care about the upcoming EU elections and the importance it will bear on all our futures; and, they are galvanized to spread this message and inform their co-citizens of the tangible benefits brought to their region by the EU.

In Cork, concerns were raised about other EU citizens not being aware they are indeed eligible to vote in the EU elections in Ireland. We were lucky enough to be joined by many veterans of democratic citizenship, those working in the City council, and students attending University College Cork who are eager to spread the word.

Since then, our volunteers have taken to the streets and shared the message about This Time I'm Voting. For example, our UCC Election Ambassador Niamh Kiely has taken civic duty to a whole new level and has started hosting This Time I’m Voting events for her fellow countrymen, of her own accord.