Dublin: The Importance of the European Elections - A Citizen Dialogue

On the 24 May 2019, citizens in Ireland and across Europe will head to the polls to elect a new European Parliament. Ireland will now have 13 seats in the Parliament? But why are these elections important and who are the candidates participating? What do they know about the community and voluntary sector, and how will they represent us in Europe?

In conjunction with our This Time I'm Votingthe Wheel will invite you to meet some of the proposed candidates from the Dublin constituency and engage in discussion about the upcoming elections.

European Parliament Elections 2019:  A Citizens Dialogue

The Wheel works hard to raise the collective voices of the community voluntary sector at national level, but what of our impact in Europe?

As part of a new and exciting project, The Wheel wishes to create a unique opportunity for members to engage in a debate about Europe and the upcoming European elections 2019.

In order to create a full and rounded discussion, we have invited your European constituency candidates. What do they stand for at home and in Europe? Come and meet them – inform them of your organisation’s work and join the conversation.

A light lunch will be provided. 




Europe House
12-14 Lower Mount St
Dublin 2 Dublin 2


The Wheel

Will you come?