Irish Simulation of the European Parliament

ISEP is a small-scale, student-led simulation of the European Parliament in University College Dublin (UCD).

It is aimed at providing students with the opportunity to engage with the process of policy-making and decision making in a stimulating environment. They have the opportunity to debate on an original text, written by a "student commissioner" specifically for the event! 

By working in groups representing the political parties in the European Parliament, students gain insight into the law-making process of the Union, and are able to first-hand influence and shape the policy document at hand. Just like in the real thing, the MEPs are required to review, amend, debate and vote on the proposed bill, and thus make sure to create alliances with other parties to secure enough support for their amendments.

On 30th March, This Time I'm Voting will be in attendance to guide students through the tough challenges of negotiating, ratifying and voting on the implementation of the Digital Single Market!

Are you a student who wants to test your parliamentary skills? Do you think you can negotiate your policy and secure a majority in Parliament? 

Make sure to be part of this European Parliament Simulation!




Sutherland School of Law
University College Dublin
Dublin Dublin 4


Peter Honor

Will you come?